When it comes to illness, a precise and timely diagnosis is the vital first step toward recovery. Park Hospital offers cutting-edge pathology and microbiological services that play a pivotal role in achieving accurate diagnoses and successful treatments. With advanced diagnostic equipment and highly trained medical professionals, Park Hospital is your trusted partner in healthcare.

Comprehensive Pathology Testing Services

The pathology department at Park Hospital provides an extensive range of tests, spanning from routine blood tests to highly specialized molecular assays and genomic profiling. Equipped with fully automated systems, these laboratories efficiently handle high volumes while delivering personalized care. Our dedicated & best pathologists in India ensure that every test adheres to the highest quality standards.

Some of the critical pathology services include:


At Park Hospital, we house a specialized cytology lab staffed with specially trained cytotechnologists and cytopathologists who employ advanced microscopes and staining techniques to detect abnormal cells. This lab is indispensable in screening for cervical, breast, and lung cancers, as well as identifying infections.


Our histopathology lab is one of the most well-equipped in the region. Expert histopathologists utilize specialized microtome equipment to prepare microscopic slides of tissue samples from surgical procedures, biopsies, and autopsies. Using the latest visualization tools, they study tissue architecture and cellular details to diagnose conditions like cancer and liver disease.

Clinical Pathology

Our clinical pathology services encompass a wide range of blood tests, microbiological assays, and analysis of body fluids. With automated hematology analyzers, coagulation testing equipment, and blood gas analyzers, we offer round-the-clock testing for conditions such as complete blood counts, anemia panels, bleeding disorders, and electrolyte imbalances.

Advanced Microbiology Laboratory

In today's world of infectious diseases, microbiology testing is the backbone of diagnostic services at Park Hospital. Our microbiology lab is renowned for its culture and sensitivity capabilities for diverse pathogens.

Equipped with leading-edge incubators, autoclave sterilization systems, and biosafety cabinets, this lab cultivates and isolates disease-causing bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses from patient specimens. We also conduct antibiotic susceptibility testing to guide the treatment of bacterial infections.

Molecular Diagnostics for Personalized Care

Molecular diagnostics is revolutionizing pathology, and Park Hospital is at the forefront with a dedicated molecular diagnostics lab. Using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, our lab provides rapid, sensitive DNA-based assays for:

  • Infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, and HPV.
  • Next-generation DNA is being used for molecular tumor profiling to characterize cancers and provide individualized treatment.
  • Genetic testing to identify inherited diseases and variations during pregnancy.

Stringent Quality Assurance Framework

Quality assurance is paramount for accurate pathology testing. The laboratories at Park Hospital are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and adhere to stringent quality control procedures. Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance and calibration, and internal and external quality checks continuously monitor investigative procedures. Additionally, our lab actively participates in proficiency testing programs and inter-lab comparisons.

Patient-Centric Care Powered by Technology

We understand that an accurate diagnosis is the first and most important step in the healing process, which is why we have the best pathologist in India in our labs. Our investment in cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure and expertise empowers clinicians to make evidence-based treatment decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Our professional team provides personalized care with patient-centricity at our core. We also harness technological innovations to pave new pathways to diagnosis and healing.

Never Delay Your Diagnosis

Choose Park Hospital if you're looking for top-notch pathology labs in Gurgaon for pathology testing. To assure accurate findings, our NABL-accredited laboratories are staffed with knowledgeable professionals and outfitted with cutting-edge technology. We provide a full variety of pathology services under one roof, ranging from regular blood testing to molecular tumor profiling.

Our team will happily address your queries and guide you through appropriate testing. We also offer customized health packages that bundle commonly required pathology tests for added convenience and savings.

Technology Brings Us Close to You

We also accept walk-ins and samples referred by other clinics/hospitals. Our user-friendly online portal and mobile app make it easy to book tests, access reports online, and track delivery from sample pick-up to result.

Our accurate diagnostics pave the pathway to your good health. Choose quality, speed, and reliability - choose Park Hospital's pathology services today!